Lead User Innovation

Innovation that originates in the practical use of high end products is our passion.

  • You are among the leading ventures of your branch, due to your constant drive to improve what is already the best.
  • Or: You are a young ambitious startup with a markatable idea. 
  • You dominate the market by technology and tradition und yet do not rest on your laurels.
  • Or: You want to rough up your branch with something brand new.
  • You have a high-performance team, but nevertheless you are open for a successful cooperation.

- so EXERGY LYNX is the right partner for your track to new successes.


We offer:

  • product engineering
  • process development
  • prototyping and testing
  • plant engineering and construction
  • series production
  • computer aided design services
  • project management
  • and trouble shooting workshops

We create real life innovation for your market success, by applying a combination of lead user innovation and cross industry innovation in a collaborative and creative environment. In doing so, we find the optimum balance between 'continuous innovation' and 'disruptive innovation'.


The lead user concept identifies important market trends and customer needs and delivers feasible solutions to the given task. Cross industry innovation opens the mind for all available technologies and concepts as the basis for our specific development. The creative potential of our team adds the innovation factor needed to create the winning margin for your product.

We use two different procedures, which both lead to the same goal - 'your success powered by our performance'.

Find more in the sections:

door delivered innovation

on order innovation