Door Delivered Innovation

Our procedure 'door delivered innovation' is effective and exceptional.

The delivered results meet all criteria, which might be important for you as a potential customer of EXERGY LYNX.

  • The development task originates in a significant market need.
  • The solution covers this need 100%.
  • The innovation is a completed pre-commercial development protectable by patents.
  • The innovation fits in to your portfolio.
  • The innovation is marketable in a profitable manner.

Procedure model:

  • A lead user identifies a task concerning a product improvement or a new product, closing a market gap.
  • Our team evaluates the task executing pre-defined criteria.
  • In case of a go-decision a patent- and market-research is performed.
  • If no sufficient solutions to the task can be found, our development starts.
  • The development is aligned with the respective product or the target customer.
  • The technical development includes prototyping and covers the constitution of patent protection.
  • Simultaneously a market analysis builds the foundation of the marketing concept being developed.
  • The complete package including product development, prototype, patent and marketing concept is presented and offered to the target customer.
  • The offer comprises the final check together with the team of the target customer aiming at strategic fine-tuning and optimisation.

Advantages for you:

  • We deliver an all-inclusive ready to scale development.
  • You have no pre-investments except one hour of your precious time.
  • If you have been chosen as the target customer, you are the first one to have the chance to pick up the innovation and turn it into your market success.
  • Every step, from development to marketing concept is prepared to incorporate the know-how of your team once your decision is made. We are willing to come along with you to series production as external consultants.