On Order Innovation

  • You want to set your team on a new scent!
  • You want to secure your position on the market by continued innovation.
  • You already vend innovative products following real market needs.

- then 'on order innovation' is your strategy with EXERGY LYNX.


Procedure model:

 Phase 1

  1. You set the basic parameters for the product sector, the product or one aspect of a product you need to generate innovation for.
  2. Our team sounds the innovation potential, identifies possible development tasks and estimates their chances of success on the market.
  3. Based on this report, it is up to you to decide, whether to proceed into phase 2 or not.

Phase 2

  1. After a detailed market- und patent-research, development is launched already tailored to the frame conditions of your company.
  2. The technical development is being accompanied by prototyping.
  3. The basis for patent protection is compiled.
  4. A marketing concept is being developed concomitantly.
  5. The development results of 'on order innovation' are assigned to the customer.

Advantages for you:

  • Due to splitting the procedure in two phases, you have full control about your resource input.
  • You can decide about the engagement of your team in every step and aspect of the development.
  • You can optimize the fit of the development by providing any relevant information to our team at an early point of time.